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Why Choose Us

30-plus years experience

Extensive experience in industries that have been caught in the crosshairs of poor reputation and ethical failings – tobacco, alcohol and financial services. Experienced in Footsie-listed investor relations, media and press management, corporate communications and crisis management. In short, been there and done it.

How are we different

We never charge for getting to know and understanding your business – we only start charging when we start adding value.

We have a flexible charging structure that can be fitted to your needs.

We have access to a large network of associates who can bring world-class specialised skills without you paying for our overhead.

We operate with a zero notice period giving you complete flexibility and control over your time and money.

Finally we do not, ever, use management speak (we don’t even like using the term “stakeholder” but can’t think of a better one!). Our approach is pragmatic, grounded and straightforward and we will always aim to get you where you want to go as fast as possible.

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