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What We Do

Build reputations & tell people about them


We provide advice & support in defining strategies that will help you to build a strong reputation.

We like to start from within the organization to understand your culture and how you go about your business. We have found that getting your staff to understand, and believe in your vision and how you want to realize it is the most essential bedrock in any reputation building strategy.

Once this is clear we will build a strategic path to creating a strong, credible and relevant external reputation that will help deliver long-term commercial success.

Our approach will be targeted and strategic, it will not use “smoke and mirror” tactics it will tell the true story in a way that attracts, interests and informs the right people in the right way.


Even companies with the strongest reputations can suffer setbacks. If anything does go wrong we are here to support and advise on the best way forward to minimize damage and optimize your company’s future wellbeing.

With over 30 years of experience in the most challenging industries of tobacco, alcohol and banking, we have a team of professionals who have been there and done it in the fiercest of investor, media and governmental spotlights.


We will work with you to develop communications that clearly, simply & effectively characterises and differentiates your company the way you want it to be known to your key stakeholders.

We can design and write annual reports, key investor, government and media presentations and provide legal and technical advice on best practice across Europe.


If you need to get to key decision-makers quickly or simply want to have eyes and ears on the ground, we can develop and run your contact programme for you. From identifying key targets to speaking to them for and with you anywhere in Europe, we can help you open doors to investors, governments and the media.


If you need someone to speak to the press for you, on or off the record, we are fully media-trained and have extensive experience of dealing with hostile (& friendly) journalists.

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